2.1.1-beta (revision 4703)
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 OTF2 usage examples
 Usage in writing mode - a simple example
 How to use the attribute list for writing additional attributes to event records
 Usage in reading mode - MPI example
 Usage in writing mode - MPI example
 Usage in reading mode - a simple example
 OTF2 records
 List of all definition records
 List of all event records
 List of all marker records
 List of all snapshot records
 OTF2 callbacks
 Controlling OTF2 flush behavior in writing mode
 Memory pooling for OTF2
 Operating OTF2 in a collective context
 Operating OTF2 in a multi-threads context
 Usage of OTF2 tools
 OTF2 config tool
 OTF2 print tool
 OTF2 snapshots tool
 OTF2 marker tool
 OTF2 estimator tool
 OTF2 I/O recording