2.1.1-beta (revision 4703)
OTF2 print tool

A call to oft2-print has the following syntax:

Usage: otf2-print [OPTION]... [--] ANCHORFILE
Print selected content of the OTF2 archive specified by ANCHORFILE.

  -A, --show-all          print all output including definitions and anchor
  -G, --show-global-defs  print all global definitions
  -I, --show-info         print information from the anchor file
  -T, --show-thumbnails   print the headers from all thumbnails
  -M, --show-mappings     print mappings to global definitions
  -C, --show-clock-offsets
                          print clock offsets to global timer
                          format of the timestamps. <FORMAT> is one of:
                           plain -  no formatting is done (default)
                           offset - timestamps are relative to the global offset
                                    (taken form the ClockProperties definition)
  -L, --location <LID>    limit output to location <LID>
  -s, --step <N>          step through output by steps of <N> events
      --time <MIN> <MAX>  limit output to events within time interval
      --system-tree       output system tree to dot-file
      --silent            only validate trace and do not print any events
                          unwind the calling context for each calling context
                          event. Each calling context node is prefixed depending
                          on the unwind distance of the current event:
                           '?' - unwind distance is undefined
                           '+' - region was newly entered
                           '*' - region was not left
                           ' ' - region did not made any progress
  -Werror, --warnings-as-errors
                          all warnings are treated as errors
  -d, --debug             turn on debug mode
  -V, --version           print version information
  -h, --help              print this help information