2.1.1-beta (revision 4703)
OTF2 config tool

A call to otf2-config has the following syntax:

Usage: otf2-config [OPTION]... COMMAND

  --cflags     prints additional compiler flags. They already contain
               the include flags
  --cppflags   prints the include flags for the OTF2 headers
  --libs       prints the required libraries for linking
  --ldflags    prints the required linker flags
  --cc         prints the C compiler name
  --features <FEATURE-CATEGORY>
               prints available features selected by <FEATURE-CATEGORY>.
               Available feature categories:
                * substrates
                * compressions
                * targets
  --help       prints this usage information

  --version    prints the version number of the OTF2 package and
               prints the revision number of the OTF2 package
               prints the revision number of the common package
               prints the interface version number
               prints the python path for the OTF2 modules

  --target <TARGET>
               displays the requested information for the given <TARGET>.
               On non-cross compiling systems, the 'backend' target is ignored.
  --backend    equivalent to '--target backend' (deprecated)
  --cuda       specifies that the required flags are for the CUDA compiler
               nvcc (deprecated)