2.1.1-beta (revision 4703)
Data Fields

Structure holding the flush callbacks. More...

#include <otf2/OTF2_Callbacks.h>

Data Fields

OTF2_PreFlushCallback otf2_pre_flush
 Callback which is called prior a flush.
OTF2_PostFlushCallback otf2_post_flush
 Callback which is called after a flush.

Detailed Description

Structure holding the flush callbacks.

To be used in a call to OTF2_Archive_SetFlushCallbacks.

otf2_post_flush callback may be NULL to suppress writing a BufferFlush record.

otf2_mpi_writer_example.c, otf2_openmp_writer_example.c, otf2_pthread_writer_example.c, and otf2_writer_example.c.

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